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Who will you have your assessment with?

Debbie Cohen

Debbie has over 12 years experience working with nursery age children and has a passion for helping individuals with social language and speech sound difficulties


Chloe Crudgington

Chloe has a range of experience working from children aged 3-16 in nurseries and schools, with an aim on empowering both the parent and child to achieve their full potential


How it works


You’ll need an tablet or a laptop/PC for the assessment. Your speech and language professional will review your case history and address any concerns or questions you may have


Next, they'll go through some exercises with your child. The exercises will involve your child pointing at pictures and talking. They’re clinically backed and will cover all speech and language needs.

Observation of play

They'll observe your child playing and interacting with others and will ask them to show off some of their favourite toys

After the assessment

To finish the assessment we'll summarise your child's communication level and recommend your next steps

Communication Boost

Focused on improving understanding and use of spoken language.

Speech Sounds Success

We'll guide your child from saying an individual sound to using it in sentences.

Our programs are clinically backed

With weekly coaching calls, online digital exercises and video helpers. You can progress at your own pace, wherever suits you

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Frequently asked questions

What is the duration of the asssessment?

45 Minutes

What’s a clinical report? What’s the value?

A clinical report contains the results and recommendations from your assessment, which can be shared with your child's school or GP

Can I get reimbursed by my insurance?

Many UK insurances will reimburse families if they have a clinical report and invoice - please check with your insurance provider and get in touch.

Do I need anything to prep before an assessment?

Your computer or tablet, and a few toys next to you. It would be ideal to tune in to the online assessment session in a quiet room, away from others and distractions.

How long does it take after the assessment to get it?

We aim to get the assessment report back to you within 1 week.

What clinical exercises do noala use?

That depends on the type of assessment needed. For speech, we use the CLEAR assessment and for language we use RAPT. Your noala professional will also assess

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