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Clinically backed
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Clinically backed
No waiting list

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Communication Boost

Focused on improving understanding and use of spoken language.
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Speech Sounds Success

We'll guide your child from saying an individual sound to using it in sentences.
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With weekly online sessions, digital exercises and coaching video from our clinical team. You can progress at your own pace, wherever suits you, guided by your qualified Speech and Language Therapist.

"The program is really helpful, and shows me how to understand how to help my son. He’s starting to use the words we are teaching. These strategies really work!”

S., mum of a 3-year-old
Based in the UK

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Full with tips and tricks and insights from professionals
As seen in:
Sarah Lyons
Sarah has extensive paediatric therapeutic experience working in schools and early year settings and previously held the position of Chair for the ASLTIP.
Sharon Baum
Based in New York, Sharon has experience working with children across a range of communication difficulties, with a focus on collaborative practice.
Chloe Crudgington
Chloe has a range of experience working from children aged 3-16 in nurseries and schools, with an aim on empowering both the parent and child to achieve their full potential
Debbie Cohen
Debbie has over 12 years experience working with nursery ages children and has a passion for helping individuals with social language and speech sound difficulties

Clinically backed by our team of  pros

Backed by evidence based clinical research

Papers that support our methodology

'Telepractice is an effective means of increasing access to high-quality services ...'
'These studies generally validate the delivery of diagnostic and therapeutic services through telepractice'
'A low-intensity training program for parents...increased verbal interaction and changes in language input to children.'
Dr Victoria Joffe
Sarah Lyons
Emma Ferris
Jennifer Warwick
Emilie Spire
Professor Shula Chiat

Clinically backed by our team of pros

Our speech lessons are put together with the help of our in-house Clinical team. With over 30 years experience combined, they are experts at delivering therapy to people of all ages in the UK and US

Sarah Lyons
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Kristin Watson
Co-Founder & COO
Wade Warren
Chief Product Officer
Wilson George
Strategic Partnerships & Finance

We're on a mission to make speech & language therapy mainstream

Founded in 2021 Noala is on a mission to change the way people access communication support, combining clinical expertise with a digital platform that brings together speech professionals and families in need

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