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£30 per online session

£180 per therapy plan on average

What you get

Online sessions with your speech therapist
Review of your progress against your targets
Helpful practise videos from our clinical team
Dedicated patient portal to practice at home

Mini Assessment

£30 for 30 minutes
via video call

Child must be present
Not suitable for EHCP

Full assessment

£90 for 45 minutes
via video call

Child must be present
Clinical report for GP/School
Insurance reimburement
Not suitable for EHCP

"India has been doing so well I'm so pleased her speech is coming along fast and clear and she puts so much into her work"

V. Mum of 6-year-old. (UK)

“The program is really helpful, and showing me how to understand how to help my son. He’s starting to use the words we are teaching. These strategies really work!”

S. Mum of 3-year-old. (UK)

"It was great that we were able to choose a convenient time for the appointment and do it at home in an environment where my son is comfortable.”

K. Mum of 6-year-old. (UK)

Frequently asked questions

Who are noala?

For unsupported carers and therapists who'll do anything to help children find their voice, noala is an accessible, clinically backed standard of speech and language therapy. We offer digital exercises and helpful video tips, reviewed by our in-house professionals. Weekly Coaching Calls with a pro makes hitting tailored targets possible.
It’s parent led therapy, all in a place where your child feels comfortable.

How long does a program take to complete?

On average, a child progressing through our program will take between 6 to 8 weeks. Not all children are the same, but with the attention from our in-house speech and language professionals, we’ll be able to support and advise throughout.

How does online compare to offline?

Currently, to get access to an in-person speech and language professional, waiting times are a minimum 6-12 months. We can get your child started within a week from initial contact. You will receive same level of care, if not more, and encouragement, whether it be online and offline.

What does my child need to be present for?

Your child will need to be present for their assessment and when practising digital exercises, but it is optional for the introduction call and weekly coaching calls.

Can I get reimbursed by my insurance?

Many UK insurances will reimburse families if they have a clinical report and invoice - please check with your insurance provider and get in touch.

What programs do you currently offer?

We currently have our first program for Developmental Language readily available to start immediately. We'll soon be releasing our second program for common speech sounds which is now open for registration.

Does my child need to have a disorder to take part in the program?

No. If you’re child’s communication is delayed, or there is an aspect of their communication (e.g. social interaction) needing attention, our program can help you incorporate activities and skills into your day-to-day interactions to progress.

Can I still access patient information (e.g. clinical notes) if I terminate my Noala account?

Yes, that is possible! Reach out to us via and we will manually send you the information that you need.