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Parent led
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How families benefit from
our programs

Improved receptive and
expressive language skills

Children going through our Communication Boost program improved their communication skills by expanding their understanding and use of words and sentences

Improved interactions with parents

Parent led speech and language training increased the quality of parent-child interactions

Better educational outcomes

Good communication, language and literacy at a young age have the highest correlation with outcomes in school at seven years

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What our customers say

"It was great that we were able to choose a convenient time for the appointment and do it at home in an environment where my son is comfortable.”

Essex, UK

"I would often hear “tractor” and “door” shouted across the room. It is a good way of the child visually learning and practising the words and how they feel to say. Through Noala Hub, with each of the 6 sessions, you get access to flash cards for different categories."

Sonia Constant, mum of 2.
Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom

“This platform supports the speech & language therapist community holistically - the therapists themselves and the children who need support.”

Community at MumAbroad
Spain, Italy, France, Germany (Europe)

“As a parent I believe that speech therapy needs to be accessible to all families and that earlyidentification and intervention is key. Making Speech Therapy accessible is at the core of the exciting new digital platform, Noala Hub. Their in-house Speech Therapy team guides families to support their child’s communication needs, practising at their own pace and accessing online activities as needed.”

Sarah Moriarty, mum of 1.