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Developmental Language

Our first program is focussed on improving your understanding of spoken language across 6 themed sessions, from Body Parts to Animals and more

Speech Sounds

Later this year we'll be launching our second program focused on overcoming common speech sounds, from saying them in isolation to practising full sentences

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Sarah Lyons
Sarah has extensive paediatric therapeutic experience working in schools and early year settings and previously held the position of Chair for the ASLTIP
Sharon Baum
Based in New York, Sharon has experience working with children across a range of communication difficulties with a focus on collaborative practice
Chloe Crudgington
Chloe has a range of experience working from children aged 3-16 in nurseries and schools, with an aim on empowering both the parent and child to achieve their full potential
Debbie Cohen
Debbie has over 12 years experience working with nursery ages children and has a passion for helping individuals with social language and speech sound difficulties

Clinically backed by our team of pros

Our speech lessons are put together with the help of our in-house Clinical team. With over 30 years experience combined, they are experts at delivering therapy to people of all ages in the UK and US

Clinically backed by our team of pros

Our speech lessons are put together with the help of our in-house Clinical team. With over 30 years experience combined, they are experts at delivering therapy to people of all ages in the UK and US

Sarah Lyons
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Kristin Watson
Co-Founder & COO
Wade Warren
Chief Product Officer
Wilson George
Strategic Partnerships & Finance

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What our customers say

"It was great that we were able to choose a convenient time for the appointment and do it at home in an environment where my son is comfortable.”

Essex, UK

"I would often hear “tractor” and “door” shouted across the room. It is a good way of the child visually learning and practising the words and how they feel to say. Through Noala Hub, with each of the 6 sessions, you get access to flash cards for different categories."

Sonia Constant, mum of 2.
Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom

“This platform supports the speech & language therapist community holistically - the therapists themselves and the children who need support.”

Community at MumAbroad
Spain, Italy, France, Germany (Europe)

“As a parent I believe that speech therapy needs to be accessible to all families and that earlyidentification and intervention is key. Their in-house Speech Therapy team guides families to support their child’s communication needs, practising at their own pace and accessing online activities as needed.”

Sarah Moriarty, mum of 1.


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