Ready to get the most out
of noala pro?

This training program has been built by Speech and Language Professionals, for Speech and Language Professionals. Tailored to your needs, we aim to support you to manage your practice with peace of mind.

Your first steps on noala

Let’s complete your level 1 training, and the world is yours! To guide you through your first steps, we’ve prepared the following how-to videos for you.

Setting up a profile

From your home page, find your initials in the top right corner. Edit your personal details and upload a logo. The logo will be included in your PDFs.

Remember to save before closing.
Please register with Stripe (see below for guidance) to invoice with ease.

Receiving leads from Noala

Next steps

It is essential that you contact them within 48 hours and update your tracker accordingly.
How to make contact? Introduce yourself and find out what they’re looking for.
Top tips

Creating a patient profile

Setting up an assessment

Creating a therapy plan and session

Leveraging the resource library

Setting up your Stripe account

How to process payments

Once your client has confirmed the services they’re searching for and agreed on the first session.
You can send your first invoice, prior to the session.