Making speech and language therapy mainstream

No more waiting around for access to a therapist, get started with Noala in a few simple steps, all from the comfort of your home

Communication connects beyond words

It’s vital for everyone, regardless of gender, race or borders. Despite this, at least 10% of us still suffer from communication disorders. We’ve seen this first hand within our own families, friends and colleagues - so why is no one talking more about this?

Noala was born with the mission of making speech and language therapy mainstream. Opening up access for more people to get the help they need.

We’re here to support the Speech and Language Therapists community

Speech and language therapists are doing an amazing job - helping children and adults overcome speech, language and swallowing difficulties like delays, dyslexia, degenerative neurological diseases and much more.

The problem is they don’t have enough time to meet the increasing need for their expertise. Noala is here to change this. Empowering therapists to help even more patients by saving them time on admin, reporting and more. We’re also opening up access to clinically reviewed exercises for patients to practice whilst they wait for their treatment plan to start.

We believe that by leveraging digital tools in a creative, innovative way, we can foster an evolution in speech and language therapy - making it faster and easier to access professional help.

Noala values

Be focused, stay curious

We believe in the power of focus, to solve a clearly identified problem in the simple way possible. Our team is continuously learning, getting inspired everyday.

Step by step with relentless care

We’re on an ambitious journey to make Speech and Language Therapy mainstream. To get there, we’ve broke it down into stages, caring deeply at each and every step of the way.

The faster we move, the faster we grow

We iterate fast, to receive feedback earlier and continuously improve. By compounding shorter innovation cycle, we can grow faster, together.

We're here to support the SLT community

We’re genuinely impressed by the work done by Speech and Language Professionals and believe they are the true heroes who deserve to be in the spotlight. We value you.

The team behind Noala

Jack Altmon
CEO & Co - founder
Kristin Watson
Co-Founder & COO
Wade Warren
Chief Product Officer
Wilson George
Strategic Partnerships & Finance
Craig George
Director of Brand
Cody Fisher
Content Strategy
Jenny Wilson
Director of Engineering
Marvin McKinney
Product Designer
Emilie Spire
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CEO & Founder
Nic O Brien
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Product & Design Director
Vanč Levstik
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VP of Engineering
Kieran Highgate
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Brand Designer
Alastair Turner
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Software Engineer
Nicole Haggerty
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Software Engineer
Victoria Gillett
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Customer Success Manager
Tanya van der Merwe
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Marketing Manager
Katherine Harrison-Spain
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Head of Product
Jakub Pęksa
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Senior Software Engineer
João Gloria
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