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From tricky sounds like S, K, and T, we've got you covered. We'll guide your child through mastering pronunciation of a sound, to using it in sentences.

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During this online appointment, we’ll assess where your child is on their communication journey and identify which sounds are tricky for them. Your child will need to be with you.

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On your patient portal, you can book online Speech and Language Therapy sessions with our qualified Speech and Language Therapists, with no waiting list.

In between sessions, you can access digital exercises to practice at home and coaching videos from our clinical team.

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We can assess your child’s needs in a 30 minutes milestones assessment. We’ll then create a therapy plan tailored to your needs and schedule.
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"India has been doing so well I'm so pleased her speech is coming along fast and clear and she puts so much into her work"

V. Mum of 6-year-old. (UK)

“The program is really helpful, and showing me how to understand how to help my son. He’s starting to use the words we are teaching. These strategies really work!”

S. Mum of 3-year-old. (UK)

"It was great that we were able to choose a convenient time for the appointment and do it at home in an environment where my son is comfortable.”

K. Mum of 6-year-old. (UK)