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From tricky sounds like S, K, and T, we've got you covered. We'll guide your child through mastering pronunciation of a sound, to using it in sentences.

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How our programs make speech success

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Find Your Target Sound in Isolation

Watch as the Speech and Language Therapist walks your child through how to position their mouth to form their target sound. Practice with your child at home until they are comfortable producing the sound on their own.

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Let's Hear the Difference

Help your child practice their target sound with these tips and tricks. Using whatever toys you have available at home, the aim is to get your child to repeat the sound over and over again through fun games that keep them engaged and excited.

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Have Fun With Vowels for Kids

Take your child's practice to the next stage by pairing their target sound with different vowels. You can follow the games shown here, or use your own based on what you have available at home.

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Understanding Sounds At The Start of Words

Positioning your target sound at the start of the word, this session coaching video will develop your child’s speech at the word level with games you can play at home. Playing the suggested games regularly at home will help your child to build up their confidence!

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Practicing Sounds At the End of Words

Discover more games to help your child hear and produce the correct target sound at the end of words. Use your hands to guide them through their attempts and mix up the games to keep things exciting.

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Saying Sounds In The Middle of Words

Following on from our last two coaching videos, in this session we’ll practice words with your child’s target sound in the middle. Make sure to encourage the repetition of words in the games you play and use your mouth as an instrument to guide them.

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Building Sentences With Your Toddler

In this coaching video, we’ll revisit some of our favorite games from the program to help your child develop words at sentence level and ultimately master their target sound.

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Parent Coaching For Children Speaking in Conversation

Learn how to teach your child all about articulation and clear speech.

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