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We’ll get to know your child and their needs. We'll share a tailored therapy plan if needed. Pricing starts at £30.

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With no more waiting lists. Our Speech and Language Therapists are available to you. Select suitable times for you.

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Improve your child's communication with the support of our tailored therapy plans in-between sessions.

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Answer our free communication questionnaire understanding your child's speech and language journey so far. Our clinical team will get back to you, with next steps if needed. Every child works at their own pace.

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Boost Your Communication

Focused on improving understanding and use of spoken language. We’ll encourage those first words and turn them into sentences.

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Find success with your speech sounds

From tricky sounds like S, K, and T, we've got you covered. We'll guide your child through mastering pronunciation of a sound, to using it in sentences.

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See what our families are saying about us

"My daughter has been doing so well I'm so pleased her speech is coming along fast and clear and she puts so much into her work.”

V., mother of a 6 year old
based in UK

"We had our session with the wonderful Ilana who was able to help us understand how communication, language and speech is formed. She was honest with her views and what can be done to encourage K to progress. There are three different levels to help K say up to three-word phrases. We are really blessed to have our initial conversation with noala.”

I., mother of a 3 year old
based in UK

"I loved the assessment - really brilliant exercises that helped hone in on my son’s problem areas.”

G., mother of a 8 year old
based in UK

Clinically backed by our team of speech therapists

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We're on a mission to ease access to speech & language therapy services.

Founded in 2021 Noala is on a mission to change the way people access communication support, combining clinical expertise with a digital platform that brings together speech therapists and families in need.

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