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Importance of Developing Communication Trust And Skills

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May 2, 2023
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A vision for every child and young person to have the ability to communicate at their best is a top priority for the Communication Trust. Focusing on SLCN, let’s share more about the importance of communication in children, what speech language and communication (SLCN) is, and who the Communication Trust is.

Why is communication important for children?

Communication is not only important for children but crucial for their development. A child needs to communicate their feelings so that others can understand what they need and want. Having difficulty communicating will lead to children having challenges with their ability to interact with others (social development), including but not limited to peers and adults.

The ability to communicate with peers and teachers is essential for all children to develop in order to engage and progress in classroom-based activities and have access to the educational curriculum.

For those who can’t communicate or for whom communication is simply on their radar but challenging, it is integral that a consistent and comprehensive intervention program in their early years is provided for them (early intervention).

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communication trust
Supporting speech language and communication

What does SLCN mean?

SLCN is an acronym for the basic communication needs of individuals including speech, language, and communication. It describes all aspects of communication, including understanding and use of language. This can also include your child’s ability to articulate different sounds, words, and sentences.

Is SLCN common in children?

Speech language and communication needs are very common in children. Research has estimated that 10% of all children either have a long-term or persistent SLCN. Speech and language therapists often explain SLCN to be a hidden disability and can show an impact on your child’s day-to-day encouragement, behavior, and success with tasks.

Supporting individuals with SLCN and improving communication skills is at the forefront of our mission at noala, Speech and Language Therapist across the world, and the Communication Trust.

What is the Communication Trust?

The Communication Trust was established in 2007 and founded in the United Kingdom by Afasic, BT, the Council for Disabled Children and I CAN. Their mission is to support young children who struggle to communicate. They remain dedicated to supporting and ensuring that individuals with SLCN are able to reach their communication potential.

The Communication Trust is dedicated to helping younger children communicate. They have to date, involved 50 not-for-profit organizations to support their mission, and has included the UK government in their progress and ongoing efforts.

Raising awareness and supporting individuals in the workforce and voluntary positions to develop their understanding of speech, language, and communication, as well as their greater confidence. This helps identify young children early when they are first struggling with their communication skills.

What works from the communication trust?

The Communication Trust has two components that have allowed it to make a difference in the lives of young children with significant communication difficulties.

They are focused on family education, while also focusing on ongoing education and training for educators who are going to be at the forefront of helping children develop basic communication skills.

We support the Communication Trust and truly believe that family education is vital to improving children’s communication skills. Our first therapy plan is Communication Boost. Focusing on increasing the number of words and turning them into sentences.

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Sharon Baum
Clinical Director, United States and M.A. CCC-SLP
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