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Family Newsletter - Early Intervention

Posted on
October 28, 2022
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Dear Parents & Caregivers,

☀️ Has this year's summer sun brought some family fun?

🧡 With our first newsletter, we introduce our in-house therapist, Chloe, supporting our Noala Hub families in their journey to improving communication

🌈 Read more about how Sarah has found online therapy more empowering and reassuring supporting her son's at home progress

🔥 Scroll to the bottom for some free summer noala activities

Introducing our in-house therapist, Chloe Crudgington

Chloe Crudgington

Chloe specialises in early intervention and learning; working together with you to incorporate educational fun into your child's day-to-day during these summer months  Quote by Chloe, "I believe in providing a service to those who cannot access face-to-face sessions, so that every child has the opportunity to succeed in their communication skills"

What's happening around

🌈 Our blog featured, noala hub partner and mum, Sarah, sharing her son's journey with speech, language & communication needs. Sarah expressed how online therapy has left her "feeling reassured and empowered to continue supporting my son at home"

Activities to explore with your child before summer ends

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Explore Noala to access more digital resources, at home coaching videos and continuous support from our in-house therapists - feel free to contact us at

We're here to support your family's journey - if you need a little extra advice, you're welcome to book a free 10 minute call with our in-house
speech and language therapist

Emilie Spire
CEO & Founder
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