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First Noala Club Online Session

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February 21, 2022
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We are humbled to announce the success of our very first Noala Club online session.

Noala Club is a monthly online session during which our speech and language (SLT) community members get together to discuss a specified topic between practitioners, evidence-based. We share our insights, opinions and different practices in our day-to-day, and welcome feedback that we can offer the best possible platform and proactive community for SLTs. 

Our Noala Club counts towards CPD (Continuing Professional Development) activity, where we invite field professionals, and those working their way towards greater successes. 

Our first online session was 17 February 2022, where we hosted an assembly of industry professionals. Sarah Lyons, session host, is Noala’s Clinical Director. Lyons led an engaging conversion, navigating between relevant evidence-based work. We uncovered what Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) is and how we diagnose it, the interventions used as well as what we are currently doing in our clinical practice to treat it. 

What is DLD? 

Developmental Language Disorder is defined as an ongoing/significant difficulty with understanding and using spoken language. It affects approximately 7.6% of all children (two children in every average primary class of 30) in the UK. This is a common, but hidden condition within children - socialising with fellow classmates/friends may be a struggle. Even with treatment at childhood, in most cases, DLD does not disappear growing up

Through the understanding of DLD, we identified three insightful relevant evidence-based papers. For reference, see the linked papers below

  1. RCSLT briefing paper on Language Disorder with a specific focus on Developmental Language Disorder
  2. Evidence-based pathways to intervention for children with language disorders by Susan H. Ebbels, Elspeth McCartney, Vicky Slonims, Julie E. Dockrell and Courtenay Frazier Norbury
  3. HCPC – Standards of conduct performance and ethics

We were able to discuss the research findings, debates and engage with each paper. Dr Ebbels research paper was highlighted within the focus group the most, as we shared prevalent interventions currently occurring

From the discussion: Which therapy approaches do you use or not use? 

Insights gathered that colour semantics, wordless and word aware practices were the most used within 1:1 and/or class sessions - whereas shape coding practices were less prominent. For wordless practices, Simons cat was a popular video used amongst the group. 

The industry professionals and Noala hosts thoroughly enjoyed the very first session, as we uncovered each one’s thought process on DLD. We were able to hear and support feedback, as well as welcomed questions in relation to the papers and Noala. 

If you'd like to attend our next session on March 17, feel free to register to our community on

Emilie Spire
CEO & Founder
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