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First steps in the United States!

Posted on
April 12, 2022
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Noala is now available to Speech and Language Pathologists (SLPs) in the United States.

To celebrate this milestone, we highlight our discussions with speech language pathologists based all around the United States. Our community is growing! We are thrilled to be connecting with such inspiring, genuine, and passionate SLPs.

Our discussion with Erica Lawson

We started our month chatting to Erica Lawson based in San Diego, originally from the Arizona desert. Lawson is a speech-language pathologist, dedicating her time to helping children meet their communication potential.

During our Instagram Live discussion with Erica Lawson, we covered topics such as communication milestone revisions by the CDC, the difference between US SLP and UK SLT, as well as early speech delay and feeding strategies.

Key points from our discussion highlight developmental milestones. It takes a mind shift to understand that these updated developmental milestones. They are more about the 50th percent, over the 75th percent child. The ASHA took a consultative approach to understand SLPs opinions. It also questioned the CDC to check that these changes are in fact, evidence based. Concerns covering this update, is wondering if SLPs will get children identified at a younger age or will they identify them at a later stage based on the milestones. This could potentially result in missing out on early year intervention.

Sarah Lyons and Erica Lawson during Noala Insta Live discussing Communication Milestones

Our conversation with Jourdan Saunders

We connected with Jourdan Saunders during the month discussing disability inclusivity, how Saunders advocates for the community and the difference between the UK and US therapy approach.

Saunders is a Virginia based speech-language pathologist and thought leader. Jourdan Saundersโ€™ undeniable passion within her community was the core foundation of starting up the Resource Key. Saunders said, โ€œI listened to children and adults with different disabilities that I worked with and they shared with me how they did not feel included in the community. As I did more therapy in the community, it allowed me to see the need for disability inclusion beyond, just the lens of my therapy room.โ€

Our conversation on Instagram Live presented a key takeaway about disability inclusion and how we can acknowledge the inclusivity. It was explained that there will always be a level of respect, acknowledgement and the way we treat each person as a human being. This level of respect will remain of utmost importance. There are strengths in every single person and ways of going about sharing information.

Sarah Lyons and Jourdan Saunders during Noala Insta Live about Disability Inclusion

We admire the work of these ladies in the speech-language community! Their drive and passion is a force to be reckoned with. We will continue to support this powerful community and build a platform that makes the lives of these SLPs easier.

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Emilie Spire
CEO & Founder
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