Growing with DLD - Awareness Day

Posted on
October 14, 2022
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Growing with DLD, on #DLDday

Today is Developmental Language Disorder awareness day. It's hidden, but common that is estimated to affect 1 in 14 people. DLD means to have difficulties understanding and using language. There is no known cause.

This year, #DLDday is about raising awareness that it's not something an individual can grow out of, but rather with the support of speech-language therapy and educational adjustments, these individuals can thrive!

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Our DLD program is now officially live

Developmental Language

Alongside our speech-language professionals, we support your family through our clinically backed parent-led program. The first DLD program includes coaching videos from our clinical director for at-home strategies and play, as well as digital exercises for your child to practice at their own pace. You'll have weekly check-in's with our SLPs to track your child's progress and support with reaching their targets!

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Tanya van der Merwe
Marketing Manager
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