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January 19, 2023
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What is a SALT assessment? 

A speech and language therapy assessment are when speech and language professionals work alongside parents/caregivers to evaluate your child. When your child is being assessed, professionals identify whether of not there are speech, language, and communication difficulties. If appropriate, a speech and language professional will guide you on the best way to support your child to reach their communication potential.

Why does my child need an assessment?

In order to start therapy, we want to know your child’s strengths and what your child finds difficult, to create a bespoke therapy plan for your child.

SALT assessment
Assessing your child's speech and language development

How does a SALT assessment work?

Prior to the SALT assessment, you will be asked to gather toys ready for the speech and language professional to use with your child through play e.g. teddy, car, and building blocks. The speech and language professional will provide instructions and request your child to use the toys during the assessment so they can assess their understanding of; following instructions, concepts, and verbs. Your child will be asked to name items the therapist presents and depending on their age, create sentences based on images they see on their screen.

The speech professional will be assessing all areas; attention and listening, play, social communication language, and speech. Usually, there would be 3-4 activities shared with your child over the course of a 45-minute assessment session.

At the end of the assessment, the speech and language professional will refer to the expected developmental milestones and discuss where your child is currently presenting for their age. We will also discuss whether a Noala program is suitable. For each age, communication milestones have been defined. The speech professional will guide you with ages and stages and create joint goals for you to work on with your child at home.

What if my child cannot focus during the assessment?

Don’t worry if your child doesn’t engage for the full assessment, the speech and language professional will be able to gain information through observations in their play and talking to you through a case history. The speech and language professional can share ways to support your child in working on speech and language targets and incorporate them into your daily life.

My child has completed an assessment 6 months ago - can this be used

Children are constantly developing and growing. A child within 3-6 months can develop speech, language, and communication skills and present differently - especially if they are young! A speech and language assessment can be used by a previous professional if it is within 3 months. If the assessment date has exceeded this time, a new assessment should be completed to form a more accurate profile of your child’s skills.

How much does a noala assessment cost?

A noala assessment costs £90 with a clinical report. This report can be shared with your child’s nursery/teaching staff, GP, or childminders. Your child’s report will be written and sent to you within 1 week. Alternatively, we offer a mini-assessment for only £30, where our qualified Speech and Language Therapists will understand more about your child's communication journey and set communication targets.

Can I pay through my health insurance?

Yes. Many UK insurances will reimburse families if they have a clinical report and invoice. Please check with your insurance provider and get in touch. Before booking an assessment, we recommend that you check with your insurance provider about the level of speech and language therapy coverage to which you are entitled.

Welcome to noala!

Following the assessment, if your child requires speech and language therapy, 3-5 targets will be created for you to complete with your child. The speech and language professional will guide you and provide strategies to help you practice at home. Feel free to share the targets with grandparents, nursery/teaching staff, and childminders.

If you have any questions and/or would like to chat with our certified speech and language professional first, please feel free to book a free discovery call here.

Chloe Crudgington
Speech and Language Therapist
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