Noala Helps You Transition to Tele-practice

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March 16, 2022
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Our mindsets, as speech and language therapists, over the past two years has changed completely. From the way we interact with our patients, to how we prepare for sessions, through to how we successfully transition our daily practice to collaborate with patients. For most, a digital lifestyle had to be adopted and tele-practice implemented throughout our clinical practice.  

What is tele-practice?

Tele-practice links our professional collaboration to our patients via telecommunication remotely. It utilises various forms of activity to connect online - examples can include video, email and wireless tools. 

How to transition?

Before moving to a digital delivery, you would recommend you to consider the following 5 factors: 

  1. HIPAA Guidelines & Compliance: You need to maintain your patient privacy and ensure that all your online practices stay confidential. At Noala, we are GDPR compliant and are aligned with HCPC best practices.
  2. Video Platform: The platform you choose to use for online interaction, should include camera sharing, screen sharing and offer interactive features. Noala works alongside Speech and Language Therapists to ensure session needs are met. We continuously work towards improving and implementing an updated delivery. Our digital platform offers an integrated interactive video platform, screen sharing and a wide range of interactive features.
  3. Virtual Activities: You will need to source exercises and activities from various resources that you can either share on screen or display through your camera. To make sourcing easier, we upload new exercises and activities, for both children and adults, weekly. We have created Noala World so that your patients can interact with the online activity. 
  4. Engagement: Keeping your patients engaged throughout your sessions is crucial for therapy success. Tele-practice may seem intimidating at first, but the more you interact with it the easier the delivery will get. Noala World offers interactive features with activities such as dragging, drawing, typing, etc. This enables you to keep your patients engaged while collaborating with the session plan throughout. 
  5. Reaching Out for Help: Look for more resources and guidance for tele-practice to ensure all options are explored, so that you can be comfortable with your choices. Ask fellow Speech and Language Therapists for advice and input. If you are searching for a free online community of Speech and Language Therapists, you can join our free Noala online community, where you can join conversation about trending topics and ask your questions. 

Noala is an all-in-one platform for your digital resources, accessible in one place. Noala helps you save time so that you can do more of love. We are here to support you in your transition to tele-therapy.

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Emilie Spire
CEO & Founder
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