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Meet Our Online Speech Therapists: Available to You Now

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May 5, 2023
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Meet our online speech therapists available to you. Each professional having a range of experience are here to support your family. Through interactive online sessions, start progressing your child’s communication skills together.

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Sarah Lyons, noala’s clinical director and Consultant Speech and Language Therapist

Sarah has extensive paediatric therapeutic experience in schools and working with early-year settings.

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Debbie Cohen, noala's clinical lead and qualified Speech and Language Therapist

Debbie has over 12 years of experience working with nursery-age children and has a passion for helping individuals with social language and speech sound difficulties.

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Chloe Crudgington, qualified Speech and Language Therapist

Chloe has a range of experience working with children aged 3-16 in nurseries and schools, with an aim of empowering both the parent and child to achieve their full potential.

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Ilana Geller, qualified Speech and Language Therapist

Ilana delivers targeted therapeutic interventions to address challenges such as speech sound delays and disorders, delayed or disordered language development, and social communication and interaction difficulties in children. She works with paediatrics and with school aged-children.

speech pathologist

Sharon Baum, noala’s US clinical director and Speech Pathologist, M.A. CCC-SLP

Sharon has a range of experience working with individuals having communication difficulties, with a focus on collaborative practice. Specifically, has expertise in working with adolescents struggling with language disorders and pragmatic language disorders, including when correlated with ASD.

netherlands speech therapist

Petria Winter, qualified Speech and Language Therapist

Petria has a special interest in language and developmental language for children from birth to school age as well as complex speech-and-language disorders secondary to disabilities such as cerebral palsy, cleft lip and palate and syndromes. She is also well-versed in acquired and progressive speech-and-language disorders and voice disorders.

qatar speech therapist

Wafaa Bouayad, qualified Speech and Language Therapist

Wafaa is licensed therapist from the ministry of health in the state of Qatar. She's a Trilingual (Arabic/French/English ) Speech and Language Therapist. She has experience different therapy settings including early intervention and clinical settings with children with different developmental and speech disorders (Autism and different syndromes, etc).

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