Parent-led Online Speech Therapy

Parent-led Online Speech Therapy with Noala

Posted on
May 9, 2023
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Parent or carer involvement is essential in developing a child’s speech, language, and communication skills. A parent/carer has the most contact with their child throughout the week and has the most opportunities to create successful interactions. Your child will be in their natural environment where strategies can be implemented into their daily routines. Without family involvement, intervention is unlikely to be successful and any short-term gains will not have a lasting impact (Bronfenbrenner, 1974). Learn more about parent-led online speech therapy for children and how our Speech and Language Therapists can support you.

Indirect vs Direct Therapy Approach:

Noala uses a parent-led indirect therapy approach. The therapy plans noala provides can target either increasing your child’s language (Communication Boost) or correcting speech sounds errors (Speech Sound Success). Each therapy plan has been developed by our clinical team of Speech and Language Therapists intended for parents to deliver the program to their child at home. Your assigned therapist will have access to your child’s attempted exercises via their patient portal account. The therapist will provide bespoke feedback and strategies to support you and your child throughout the week.

Indirect therapy, delivered by a parent, family member, teacher, or teaching assistant is proven effective and is comparable to face-to-face direct therapy, delivered by a speech and language therapist. Evidence also showed parents changed their perceptions about their children’s language difficulties in a positive way (Hanen, 2016). Read more about online speech therapy evidence-based research here.

What therapy plans do you offer for children?

At noala, our communication boost or speech sound success therapy plan will increase your child’s speech, language, and communication skills. While giving you the skills to support your child.

  • The communication boost therapy plan is focused on developing your child’s communication skills. Encouraging first words and turning them into sentences.
  • The speech sounds success therapy plan is focused on guiding your child through mastering the pronunciation and articulation of a sound in isolation, to using it in sentences.
Parent-led Online Speech Therapy
Practising communication skills for colours, shapes, food and more!

How do noala therapy plans work?

Our clinical team of speech and language therapists, have filmed coaching videos to guide you throughout the week on interaction strategies to use with your child. These videos have been developed in the same style as an in-person therapy session. This means the content in the video is no different from an in-person session with a therapist.

The videos provide you with strategies and advice to help support you and your child. The therapy plan begins with learning to say single words and then in sentences. For example, “dog” to 3-word phrases such as “big brown dog”. You have access to interactive and fun online exercises to play with your child. Each week, you can book an online therapy session with your assigned therapist to review your child’s progress. Your therapist will be able to view your child’s scorecards online, once they have completed the exercises.

If your child has progressed in achieving their targets, your therapist will unlock a new theme to practice that is functional to everyday life. Themes include food, body parts, animals, transport, colors, and shapes. The online therapy session aims to ensure you feel confident in your abilities to support your child throughout the week and the therapist will provide you with the appropriate advice and strategies for your child, suited to their level of need. We’re here to support you every step of the way. We are available via email and your patient portal. Any questions/comments you may have, throughout your journey on the therapy plan, you will be fully supported. Noala is accessible on your phone/laptop/iPad. Therefore, is functional for everyone!

My child can't sit still for online sessions. What do I do?

That's no problem. Your weekly sessions are between you and your therapist. As a recommendation, we only encourage 5-10 minutes of screen time every week, when playing fun exercises.

Why should I choose noala?

This therapy is the best option for your child, as you can feel empowered and supported in developing your child’s communication. You can access Online Speech Therapy for your child immediately - no waiting list! If your child is being seen by speech and language services, noala can be used as an extra boost to practice their targets. The therapy plan is completed in your own time from the comfort of your own home. There is a focus on functional learning. For example, for food, it can be practiced in the kitchen as you cook dinner, or unpack the groceries.

How can I start with noala parent-led online speech therapy?

The first step would be to book an online assessment via this link. Our prices start from £30, and we have availability as soon as next week.

Following your assessment, your Speech and Language Therapist will guide you through your tailored therapy plan. Each online session costs £30. To practice in between sessions, you can access your patient portal including digital exercises and coaching videos from our clinical team.

If you’ve already had an assessment, you can sign up for free to noala, starting your chosen therapy plan. Sign up for free here.

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Chloe Crudgington
Speech and Language Therapist
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