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December 8, 2022
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We’re very excited to announce that we’ve started to work on our own research paper, demonstrating the efficacy of the Noala program. We’re now recruiting families to participate in our clinical study. Read more on the purpose of the study, if you're eligible and the benefits from joining.

Note that participants can join our program for free, in exchange for a bit of time.

What is the noala study?

We have developed an online therapy program for children aged 1-7, who have delayed language skills, using coaching videos and online interactive exercises to support language development.

The study is led by Sarah Lyons – our Clinical Director supported by our Clinical Board - we're expecting to kick off end of January/February 2023.

Is your family eligible for the noala study?

  1. Your child is aged between 1 and 7.
  2. There is not a previous diagnosis or condition, such as Autism, Down’s Syndrome, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

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free speech therapy
Access free speech and language sessions for your child

What is expected in the noala study?

1 hour interview at the start of the treatment:

  • Screener of your child’s communication
  • Completing a questionnaire
  • Conversation about your concerns and/or your Noala program expectations

10 minute check in each week

1 hour interview at the end of the treatment

  • Completing a questionnaire
  • Conversation about your Noala program experience

Completion of rating scales/questionnaire - 20 minutes

  • Before each interview, at the start and end of the program
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noala speech therapy
Noala speech and language therapy

Let's answer any questions you may have about the noala study
1. What do I receive from taking part in the study?
You’ll receive free speech and language therapy for your child’s language development. With waiting lists reaching 1 to 2 years in many areas of the UK, this program is accessible, free and clinically backed.
2. Is there a guaranteed result?
Our online program works on developing speech and language, so your child’s learning and experience will be enhanced, but each child is unique and works at their own pace. So a guarantee cannot be made.
3. My only time to complete the interviews is when my child goes to bed, will this time be available?
Yes, we'll offer 8am-8pm interview slots, as well as weekend times being made available to fit in with your family schedule.
4. Do I have to have an assessment?
5. Do I need to buy anything specific for the program?
No, all our activities are interactive exercises
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Sarah Lyons
Clinical Director, United Kingdom
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