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Let's start Christmas early this year!
We're feeling thankful for our speech professionals.

Our mission is to make speech and language mainstream.
Thanks for your continued feedback, we want to give back to you!

We're excited to share, noala pro is now officially free!

Accessing all our available and future resources,
with no more monthly payment.

Note: if you're a current noala paid subscriber, we’ve made sure to update your subscription to £0 from November onward

Keep your caseload growing, storing everything in one place, for peace of mind.

Noala, a platform built with you, for you.

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What to expect inside your profile?

Clinical note templates

Choose between different note templates, while don't forget to use the IPA keyboard

Your resource library

Access our clinically reviewed digital exercises, CPD and more.

Request new exercises from our team and upload a private folder, to easily navigate when planning sessions.

Interactive online sessions

When in sessions, you can draw, drag, drop, type and celebrate with each exercise - making it fun for patients on the screen

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Set up your payment details in your profile and start creating invoices to send to your caseload.

We're here to support the speech and language community

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Emilie Spire
CEO & Founder
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